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Il team di sviluppo Voismart è lieto di annunciare la nuova release 5.4.2-51 del software Orchestra, il motore di tutti i prodotti VoIP Voismart.

Breve riepilogo delle nuove features e principali bugfix.

[FEATURE] Wizard for GSM cards
[FEATURE] Wizard for TDM cards
[FEATURE] Wizard for Telephones
[FEATURE] Read-only admin access for mobility
[FEATURE] Separate backup for recordings
[FEATURE] Music on hold for GSM cards

[IMPROVE] Updated softswitch
[IMPROVE] Phonebook can hold '+' as starting char in numbers
[IMPROVE] Phonebook can have same number with different types
[IMPROVE] Phonebook can have skype contact (*)
[IMPROVE] Backup now does not add voicemail and recordings
[IMPROVE] Removed old useless backups
[IMPROVE] More compatibility with Chrome browser
[IMPROVE] More updates labels and inline helps
[IMPROVE] Mobility accepts dtmf during presentation (after caller playback)
[IMPROVE] Mobility continues hunting if no selection is made on presentation

[BUG] Fix 100% cpu usage by softswitch
[BUG] Fix time-based rules
[BUG] Fix call recordings from operator panel
[BUG] Fix phonebook in operator panel
[BUG] Fix ACL with some licenses
[BUG] Fix date&time on system panel

L'update richiede circa 30MB di download ( a seconda della versione ).
Dopo l'update è necessario riavviare il pbx.
Si raccomanda di svuotare la cache del browser.

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