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Il team di sviluppo Voismart è lieto di annunciare la nuova release 5.4.4-50 del software Orchestra, il motore di tutti i prodotti VoIP Voismart.

Breve riepilogo delle nuove features e principali bugfix.

[FEATURE] ActiveSync Support for mobile sync *
[FEATURE] Autoprovisioning support for VEP.2100.1 and VEP.2000.1
[FEATURE] Fax Station ID can be set on a number base
[FEATURE] Incoming fax management functions
[FEATURE] Manual-loweruse and loweuser in Carriers
[FEATURE] AutoAnswer for VEP2100.1 and VEP2000.1

[IMPROVE] Improve fax resize
[IMPROVE] Improve call recordings search

[BUG] Fix SMS counter limits and autoreset
[BUG] Fix Carrier Limits autoreset
[BUG] Fix FAX gateway in Client Mode
[BUG] Fix personal phonebook disclosure in Fax reports
[BUG] Fix short number dialing when using remote phonebook
[BUG] FIx usb storage support
[BUG] Fix one second silence delay when doing passive recording
[BUG] Fix user edit grid errors
[BUG] Fix ringback in Manager-Secretary service
[BUG] Fix users list export when no extensions are associated
[BUG] Fix Time based services save
[BUG] Fix GSM configuration save

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