Da Voismart Knowledge Base.
Record agent's outgoing call

Tries to figure out the id of the agent who is placing outgoing call based on
comparison of the callerid of the current interface and the global variable 
placed by the AgentCallbackLogin application. That's why it should be used only
with the AgentCallbackLogin app. Uses the monitoring functions in chan_agent 
instead of Monitor application. That have to be configured in the agents.conf file.

Return value:
Normally the app returns 0 unless the options are passed. Also if the callerid or
the agentid are not specified it'll look for n+101 priority.

	'd' - make the app return -1 if there is an error condition and there is
	      no extension n+101
	'c' - change the CDR so that the source of the call is 'Agent/agent_id'
	'n' - don't generate the warnings when there is no callerid or the
	      agentid is not known.
             It's handy if you want to have one context for agent and non-agent calls.