Da Voismart Knowledge Base.
Attempts to detect answering machines

  This application attempts to detect answering machines at the beginning
  of outbound calls.  Simply call this application after the call
  has been answered (outbound only, of course).
  When loaded, AMD reads amd.conf and uses the parameters specified as
  default values. Those default values get overwritten when calling AMD
  with parameters.
- 'initialSilence' is the maximum silence duration before the greeting. If
   exceeded then MACHINE.
- 'greeting' is the maximum length of a greeting. If exceeded then MACHINE.
- 'afterGreetingSilence' is the silence after detecting a greeting.
   If exceeded then HUMAN.
- 'totalAnalysisTime' is the maximum time allowed for the algorithm to decide
   on a HUMAN or MACHINE.
- 'minimumWordLength'is the minimum duration of Voice to considered as a word.
- 'betweenWordsSilence' is the minimum duration of silence after a word to 
   consider the audio that follows as a new word.
- 'maximumNumberOfWords'is the maximum number of words in the greeting. 
   If exceeded then MACHINE.
- 'silenceThreshold' is the silence threshold.
This application sets the following channel variable upon completion:
    AMDSTATUS - This is the status of the answering machine detection.
                Possible values are:
                MACHINE | HUMAN | NOTSURE | HANGUP
    AMDCAUSE - Indicates the cause that led to the conclusion.
               Possible values are:
               TOOLONG-<%d total_time>
               INITIALSILENCE-<%d silenceDuration>-<%d initialSilence>
               HUMAN-<%d silenceDuration>-<%d afterGreetingSilence>
               MAXWORDS-<%d wordsCount>-<%d maximumNumberOfWords>
               LONGGREETING-<%d voiceDuration>-<%d greeting>